A Betting Strategy With The Use Of Bet Banky


[Winning Rate 50%+]



This system is based on statistics.
The target is to win the number of bets needed, depending on the strategy you follow.
And the choices you make give the profitable results.

System Details



The odds a bookmaker gives for example for the home win of a team, is relevant to the possibilities of the win to be achieved.
You will see below a table of over-under statistics depending on the odds.
Odds under-over
% under
% over
62.6 %
37.4 %
65.6 %
34.4 %
62.6 %
37.4 %
61.4 %
38.6 %
58.3 %
41.7 %
64.9 %
35.1 %
50.5 %
49.5 %
52.5 %
47.5 %
55.8 %
44.2 %
56.9 %
43.1 %
56.9 %
43.1 %


The low under given odds, succeed in a much better percentage.
For example under of 1.45 succeed almost 63%, under of 1.55 succeed almost average 56%, etc.
All these successful bets drive to a conclusion…  If you bet 100 times on low odds, you may win 54 to 63 of them. If you make flat betting, -just bet a specific amount of money to each bet- you will lose your money.
But what if you follow some strategies to take advantage of the number of wins you make?  If the wins are more than the losses, then you will learn how to make profit.
So, we just want the possibilities to verify our choices.



And why over – under?




Some leagues and some teams are made for playing football we all want. For example, some teams in Holland Eredivisie, play to score as much goals they can. It’s their mentality. If a team knows how to score, then scores. If a team knows how to keep a result, then always try to keep it. This is what they know to do.


This rule helps to raise the percentage of success that the odds by themselves try to verify.
If I can play 100 games and win 60 of them then I have profit for sure.


Let’s move to the system




This system is designed to give you a standard profit after every bet.


To follow this strategy we need a win rate of 50+ % of the total number of bets.
So we have to choose odds that in the long run give us more than 50% success.
I propose to bet on sports over-under between 1.40 – 1.70 at most, unless the possibilities of the result are better and also giving a high odd more than 1.70.
Let’s build a random scenario which will give us at the end a 50% success. We start with 200$.
We choose the unit we want to earn per winning bet. Let’s say we want 5$ per bet.
Depending our choice, the odd is different.
Let’s assume that is stable and an average 1.57.


Bet Banky will help us to manage our account following this strategy.



Using the built-in calculator of Bet Banky, we will find the next bet according our win target.

If you want to learn how it works, click here.

1. We open the built-in calculator and fill the boxes.
Betting Strategy

We bet 8.77$.
We lose. Now we have 200$ – 8.77$ = 191.23$
bet bank
2. We open the built-in calculator again and fill the boxes including our previous lost bet.
betting strategies
We bet 24.16$.
We win. 37.93$. Real profit 37.93$ – 24.16$ = 13.77$ Now we have 191.23$ + 13.77$ = 205$

betting strategies

As you see with 50% success we earn our first target and all the previous lost bets.
Using the built-in calculator of Bet Banky, we follow the next step by step bets.
Now we start from the beginning.
We bet 8.77$
1. Win 5$ Account : 210$

betting bank

Now we start from the beginning again.

We bet 8.77$
1. Lose 8.77$ Account : 201.23$

safe betting

We write our lost bet. 8.77$. Calculate the next.
We bet 24.16$
2. Lose 24.16$ Account : 177.07$

Bet Bank

We write besides our new lost bet 8.77$ 24.16$
Now we lost twice. But in the next calculation we will not include all the previous lost bets.
Just the previous one. (24.16$)

Betting Bank

That is because our bets are going to become too high and we don’t want to raise the risk.
We bet 51.16$.
3. Win. 80.32$. Real profit 80.32 – 51.16 = 29.16$.
Previous 24.16$ + our unit 5$.
Now we have 177.07$ + 29.16$ = 206.23$

Betting Strategies

We erase the last lost bet 8.77$ 24.16$
Calculate the next, including the lost we didn’t win back. (8.77$)
We bet 24.16$
4. Lose 24.16$ Account : 182.07$

Betting Strategies

We write besides our new lost bet 8.77$ 24.16$
Calculate the next, including only the last lost bet. (24.16$)
We bet 51.16$
5. Win. 80.32$. Real profit 29.16$.

Betting Strategies

Now we have 182.07$ + 29.16$ = 211.23$ We erase the last lost bet 8.77$ 24.16$
Calculate the next, including the lost bet that left. (8.77$)
We bet 24.16$
6. Win. 37.93$. Real profit 13.77$.

Betting Strategies

Now we have 211.23$ + 13.77$ = 225$ We erase the last lost bet 8.77$
And we start from the beginning.
You see that in the previous 6 bets we had 50% success.
But we won every unit of 5$ per winning bet and
we took back all our previous lost bets.
Now we have 225$ and we started with 200$.
We earned 5$ for every winning bet.

Depending on your account, you choose your unit per winning bet.
Remember that you may have better win percentage than 50%.
These odds verify their possibilities,
and help you to succeed.



Bet Banky will help you to split your account and manage with discipline.

You may have a losing streak.
If you work only with the available bank, you will safe the most part of your account.
Tip: If you have a losing streak and the stake become too high,
split your lost bets to parts and try to win the parts.
This is going to low the stakes.
For example : We write besides our new lost bet 8.77$ 24.16$ You can make it 8.77$ 8.06$ 8.06$ 8.04$
Now try to take back the last lost (8.04)
Don’t be afraid.
You will also have a winning streak too.
Remember that the statistics and the possibilities work for you.



Don’t forget to follow a special rule.
Is not necessary to turn your 100$ into 10000$ in the next 10 days.
What would you choose?
Make money fast with high risk losing them?
Make money taking your time with almost zero risk?
Try to raise your account at least 30% each month.
Account 1000$
1/2015 1300$
2/2015 1690$
3/2015 2197$
4/2015 2856$
5/2015 3713$
6/2015 4827$
7/2015 6275$
8/2015 8157$
9/2015 10605$
10/2015 13786$
11/2015 17922$
12/2015 23298$

Think yourself. Only 30% raise your account.
This is only with a winning rate of 50%.
The odds will give us better results. Because these are the possibilities.
You can also take some tipsters from some professionals who are reading the teams all day and can give you a 65% to 70% winning success at these odds.

Below, there is an instance of the system, working profitably. Get it.!




Betting System Using Bet Banky

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