Bet Banky

Bet Banky is a Windows tool to manage your betting banks in multiple files and keep performance of your betting picks. Update your bankroll, by sychronizing your results with your real money.


How It Works

Use Bet Banky and keep multiple betting banks in multiple files.

Punters tend to follow multiple betting plans, methods or strategies. Some of them follow specific tipsters.


Create a New Betting Bank for any plan or strategy you follow. This is the only way to see which one is the most profitable.

Create a New Betting Bank for every tipster you follow. This is the only way to see who is the most successful in giving tips.

Step by Step in Action

Bet Banky Part 1 – Create A New Betting Bank

Create A New Betting Bank File, According To Your Plan, Method Or Strategy

A New Betting Bank For Every Different Way You Bet


Bet Banky Part 2 – Deposit & Withdraw Money , Split & Undo Last Action

Deposit Virtual Money According To Your Real Targets

Withdraw Money According To Your Plans

Split Your Betting Bank To Keep Safe Your Bankroll

Undo Any Last Action In Case Of Mistakes


Bet Banky Part 3 – Bet Limits & Odds Management

Set & Check Your Betting Limits According To Your Available Bank

Use Different Odd Formats


Bet Banky Part 4 – Record Your Winnings & Losses

Now It’s Time To Keep Your Winnings And Losses

Record Your Bettings And Keep Your Betting Bank Updated


Bet Banky Part 5 – Calculate Your Next Bets

Use The Built-In Calculator & Get The Next Bets

Calculate Your Next Bet According To Your Target Win

Manage To Get All Or A Part Of Your Previous Losses


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